Red Fury Network Security and Assurance Consulting
Designing Networks that are Verifiably Secure
Business Network Security Threats are Real

Security threats are a real concern facing every business. Cybercriminals, disgruntled employees, “hacktivism” and even students “hacking as sport” are out there in growing numbers looking for ways to exploit weaknesses in your network; to literally steal the lifeblood of your business. As your business relies more on your network, your business health becomes inextricably linked to your ability to protect your networks from intellectual property theft, unintended exposure of company and client data, and unintentional network use.

The security firm McAfee estimates cybercrime and cyber-espionage are costing the US economy $100 billion and globally nearly $300 billion annually.  According to a 2013 United Nations study on Cybercrime,  overall cybercrime accounts for .05% of world GDP and is growing faster than world GDP itself.

Is it Safe?
The question everyone in the world is asking, “Is my network safe?” Red Fury has the answer.

Red Fury provides network security assurance and consulting services that result in actionable and quantifiable understanding of the threats your network faces with recommendations and solutions to make your network safe.

Network security, though there are some physical aspects to it, is largely a group of rules, policies, procedures, access rights and controls relating to Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability and Accountability that characterize the network as a whole.

Red Fury has a Customized Security Solution for You
Red Fury’s network security experts will work with you to review and audit all aspects of your network security and will appraise its effectiveness.  Together we will characterize your network, create a security threat profile, identify security shortfalls and create improved or new security policies and procedures. Red Fury has specialists in every aspect of network security to ensure your network in “verifiably” secure.

Network Confidentiality
The primary goal of network security is to ensure that the information flowing on your network is available only to those with authorization.  Creating effective access policies and procedures ensure confidentiality of the network.

Policies and Procedures associated with Access Controls, Intrusion Detection and Prevention(IDS/IPS), and user awareness  define the Confidentiality Threat Profile.

Network Integrity
Network integrity is a function of network consistency and reliability. A network breach often is characterized as a breach in the consistency of network operations. Understanding and characterizing the “normal” operations of your network defines the concepts of network consistency.

Policies and Procedures associated with Asset Lists, Security Logs and Backup activities define the Integrity Threat Profile.

Network Availability
Your business processes rely on your network. That’s why you have a network in the first place. Weak security jeopardized both reliability and availability of the network through breach or attack. Badly implemented security destroys its availability to those trying to do your business.

Policies and procedures associated with Business Continuity Planning(BCP), backup and redundancy are an integral part defining the Availability Threat Profile.

Once a network is operating reliably, is available and secure, Accountability makes sure the network stays that way. Setting policies, procedures and authorizations of those that are responsible for network operations are arguably the most important aspect of network security.

Policies and procedures defining authorities, oversight, systems administration and control define the Accountability Threat Profile.

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